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Regional Organizations Utah Rocketry Organization UROC is the preeminent rocketry organization in Utah. Its annual launch, Hellfire, is usually held on the Bonneville Salt Flats. 
Regional Organizations Lethbridge Rocketry Lethbridge Rocketry is the club in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. They are hosts of the RocLake launch, which is an excellent launch. 
National Organizations Tripoli Rocketry Association Tripoli Rocketry Association was formed to allow rocketry activities to progress towards larger motors and rockets and towards more sophisticated activities. 
National Organizations National Association of Rocketry The National Association of Rocketry is the oldest organiztion in the United States dedicated to model rocketry. 
More Great Web Sites for Rocketry Rocketry Online Rocketry Online is one of the best online forums dedicated to rocketry. 
More Great Web Sites for Rocketry Rocketry Planet Rocketry Planet is a rocketry portal that was started by the late Darrell Mobley. Rocketry Planet has feature articles, archives of rocketry material going back decades, and a very dynamic forum. 
More Great Web Sites for Rocketry Tripoli Montana Website Maintained by Dale Emery 
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